The Sucker

Situation Nine

You are a Western man sitting by yourself at a corner table of Hardees. You are minding your own business when a black-cloaked woman leaves her group of female friends and approached your table. She is lightly veiled and her face is uncovered. You can see she is exceptionally beautiful. She says hello, hands you a piece of paper with her name and telephone number written on it and says, “You will call me?” You:

A) Apologize, tell her you can’t do that, pack up your food and escape.
B) Thank her, accept the piece of paper, extricate yourself from the situation as soon as politeness will allow and later throw the number away.
C) Thank her, accept the number, chat with her for a bit and call her later, maybe even set up a time and place to meet.

Culture Shock! United Arab Emirates. Gina L. Crocetti. Portland: Graphic Arts Center Publishing, 2001